Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of year! Time for ghouls and goblins and the cutest pet costumes you have ever seen!

We love dressing up our pets and parading them around the neighborhood, but we need to be aware of just a couple of things before we take them out.

Our pets don’t understand what Halloween is, or what these costumed characters are all about. They can easily become frightened and run off, or become protective and try to defend themselves and inadvertently bite someone in costume. Be sure to use caution when introducing them to costumed kiddos to prevent any issues. If they are scared or anxious, it may be best to keep them inside for the evening trick-or-treating.

It’s also a good time to become aware of candy that may be around the house. Dogs can be very effective at finding bags of chocolate and candy, and that can be big trouble for pets and owners. Take a couple of extra minutes to think of your dog when you’re storing candy for the kids and prevent a very costly and tragic accident from happening.

Doing a few preventive things now will set the stage for a happy, healthy holiday season for you and your pets.


(Lexi as Eeyore)


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